Our comprehensive school continues the educational goals of the primary school. Like primary school, it is a school for everyone.

The skills and abilities of all students are further developed through constant encouragement and challenge. Nobody should be left behind; this must and is invested equally in every youth and adolescent.
At the end of this training students get a certificate after 10th grade or even the Abitur (is similar to A-levels). This opens the door to the free market economy for our students with training or studies.

Through individual support, every student has the chance to attend the Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben comprehensive school with a basic level of knowledge, skills and cooperation, to survive the rest of their life.

We give our school a broad profile to give justification to all interests.

Language skills, interest in sport, propensity in the artistic field, skills in computer science and in the scientific branch are among our focal points as well as an intensive professional and study orientation from 7th grade to the Abitur level and that's not all.

Likewise, our students learn through targeted method training, experience other cultures and religions through our international student diversity and also live together through tolerance and conflict resolution.

We can only achieve these valuable goals and approaches through a jointly acting and motivated teaching staff in close cooperation with all parents.

Teachers, pupils and parents give our school a defining face - let's work together, it is worth investing in the future.